Who we Are:

•A highly sophisticated team with advanced skillsets in deal flow, market analysis, underwriting, financial strategy, repositioning, renovations, and property management

•Our proven aggressive asset identification model produces deals unavailable to other investors.

•Created over $7m in equity over 18 months across multiple deals.

Shannon Erman – Shannon has over 15 years in large scale commercial and residential Development, Construction, Remodeling, and Project Management.  He has built over 150 restaurants, 14 commercial office buildings, 10 mixed use developments and 40 homes.  He has an extensive investor and high net worth individual network, and continually brings top line growth and margin to each of his investments.  He has served as a C level executive for multiple technology and investment firms.  Shannon’s investment strategy around personally directed IRA’s has yielded an average 40% annualized return.

Hunter Bick - Hunter’s career began in commercial real estate lending, but he soon realized he could leverage his mathematics and economics background for much greater profits in professional poker versus banking. After 9 years of poker, including founding and exiting a successful poker-related company, Hunter turned to full-time real estate investing. He started by building his personal multi-family portfolio in Charlotte, NC and then founded Elevate Capital Group with Matt and Shannon. Hunter brings his math skills and extensive knowledge of the capital markets to structuring creative financing solutions that allow for a highly capital-efficient investing strategy along with a highly refined approach to underwriting multifamily asset deals to optimize value and equity creation.

Matt Shumate -  Matt is partner in a public relations firm, bringing it from a small boutique shop to a global agency with 50 plus employees that’s regarded as one of the most prestigious tech agencies in the country.  Matt brings his hands-on client-focused approach to investment multi-family real estate to build relationships with brokers, investors, and strategic partners. Residing in Miami, Florida, Matt has made multiple real estate acquisitions in the Coconut Grove market, leveraging the appreciation of a rapidly and steadily appreciating neighborhood.  His portfolio consists of multiple townhomes which have appreciated over 30% in only a few years while also producing solid positive cashflow.